Yvoire Contour 2ml

Yvoire Contour 2ml



Yvoire Contour is a unique product designed to correct deep wrinkles, facial lipoatrophy, or deformities in facial contouring. This injectable filler is crafted using hyaluronic acid, which may be found in many tissues across the body. Because hyaluronic acid is capable of combining with water molecules, it is a key player in the volumization, hydration, and overall improvement of the skin.

Yvoire Contour was crafted with the practitioner in mind: its uniquely-designed syringe, features a unique, ergonomic curve, allowing it to rest comfortably in its user’s grasp. With this, the injection process becomes smoother and more relaxed, creating prime results.

This dermal filler is manufactured by LG Life Sciences, a South Korea-based leader in biotechnology. Founded in 1981, this producer has endeavoured to provide high-end aesthetic and medical solutions to its international league of patients.

All packages of Yvoire Contour contain two thin-walled needles, and one 2mL syringe of 22 mg/mL cross-linked hyaluronic acid solution. This filler should be stored between 2 and 25°C in a hermetic container and kept away from light. Please note that this product has a shelf life of 17 months, and should not be used after this time has passed.


Backed by the plumping powers of hyaluronic acid, Yvoire® Contour works to treat extreme facial wrinkles and folds. Moreover, its incredible volumizing effects have great clinical applications, including the reversal of facial lipoatrophy and the improvement of facial contour deformities.


Crafted to ensure a highly durable, elastic formulation, Yvoire Contour is able to defy gravity, keeping the face looking lifted and youthful for longer periods of time.

What’s more, Yvoire Contour’s ergonomic shape and thin-walled needle adds some ease to the entire injection process. While the contoured syringe acts as an extension of the practitioner’s hand, enabling more adept movement, while slim needles offer a minimum extrusion force for added ease.

Yvoire Contour was also manufactured with improved purification technology, which keeps trace proteins, bacterial endotoxins, and unbound BDDE out of the body. This adds improved patient safety by eliminating the potential for harm to the facial tissue.


For a smooth, safe, and effective injection process, Yvoire Contour should only be injected by an authorized practitioner with suitable anatomical knowledge. Additionally, each practitioner must be well-versed in proper injection techniques. Please note that this filler should only be used to augment facial tissue, and should not be injected into sites that have been previously treated with filler.

Patients should be advised that prior to their appointment, they should not drink alcohol, take ginseng, or wear heavy makeup. Before beginning this procedure, the skin must be cleansed carefully with an antiseptic solution.

While carrying out the injection process, the practitioner must apply gentle, even pressure to the plunger rod to keep the needle from breaking or bending. While injection techniques may vary due to practitioner preference, depth of injection, and quantity of gel, it has been noted that serial punctual injections and the linear threading technique work especially well with Yvoire Contour.

Once the injection is complete, gently massage the face to distribute the filler evenly. If blanching occurs, immediately massage the areas until the skin regains its proper colour.

Remind the patient to avoid touching the injection site for three to four hours after the procedure. While they may lightly wash their face at this time, makeup should not be applied for 12 hours post-injection. What’s more, they should not drink alcohol, smoke, or undergo laser procedures after treatment.


The amount of time that Yvoire Contour will last depends on the patient’s age and the severity of his or her condition. Please note that for some patients, several treatments might be required in order to attain the desired results.


Yvoire Contour has been extensively examined to ensure patient safety. However, certain patients may not use this dermal filler due to existing contraindications. Specifically, those with a history of streptococcal disease, hypertrophic scarring, hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid, bleeding disorders, an active herpetic eruption, or an active infection, should not be treated with Yvoire Contour. What’s more, those who have recently had laser therapy or chemical peeling, and pregnant or lactating women cannot be injected with this solution.


Although they are often minuscule, adverse reactions may occur in patients treated with Yvoire Contour. However, they usually heal themselves up to a week after the injection. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that

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