Re-hydrate and restore wrinkles and skin depressions with Teosyal Touch Up from Teoxane. Teosyal Touch Up is a dermal filler that contains nonpyrogenic reticulated hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. It provides the right amount of volume to correct and restore wrinkles and skin depressions, to help maintain your client’s youthful appearance. Help maintain your client’s confidence and beautiful skin with Teosyal Touch Up

Main Benefits:

  • Fills wrinkles and provides the perfect volume for touch-up sessions.
  • Helps maintain or improve client’s previous results.
  • Uses nonpyrogenic non-animal hyaluronic acid to minimize adverse reactions and improve skin hydration.
  • Can last up to nine months.
  • Improved patient satisfaction.
  • Ingredients

Nonpyrogenic reticulated hyaluronic acid 25mg, Phosphate buffer pH 7.3 qs ad 1ml.

Ingredients Information:

Hyaluronic acid – also called hyaluronan, is a naturally occurring hydrating substance that keeps skin smooth and provides volume, which helps improve the look of wrinkles and skin depressions.

Use Instructions:

Always tell your client about the potential for side effects before use.

Attach the provided traceability labels to your client’s file.

Check to make sure that the packaging is not compromised.

Verify that the expiry date has not passed.

Use a disinfectant to clean the problem area before making the injection.

Depending on preference, use an anesthetic cream, patch, or other pain-numbing product to improve your client’s comfort during injection.

As shown in the product leaflet, you must remove the stopper from the bottom of the syringe.

Attach the needle screw thread to the end of the syringe after removing the needle cap.

The needle and the syringe should be tightly screwed together so that there is no visible gap where the needle and the syringe meet.

Using the proper techniques, slowly and carefully make the injection into the mid-dermal layer of skin below the problem area after removing the needle protector.

You must massage the problem area gently after the injection to evenly spread the product.

Dispose of any remaining product and its needle and syringe.

Always refer to product leaflet and appropriate training to administer dermal fillers.


This product is meant only for mid-dermal injections.

Avoid overcorrecting.

Do not inject this product into eyelids, blood vessels, bones, tendons, ligaments, or muscles.

Discard this product if the package has been compromised.

Do not use if it is passed the expiry date.

Discard syringe and the remaining product after use. Do not reuse or resterilize as product may dry and harden.

Do not use this product with quaternary ammonium compounds, or with instruments that have been in contact with them, as they are incompatible with hyaluronic acid.

It is recommended that you use the needles provided in the package.

These may not be all the relevant precautions. Refer to product leaflet and training.


Do not use to correct superficial lines or wrinkles.

Do not combine this treatment with chemical peeling, laser treatment, or ultrasound-based treatments.

Due to possible interactions that have not been clinically studied, do not use product to fill correction sites that been treated with other dermal filler products.

Do not use in patients who are allergic to hyaluronic acid or any other ingredient listed.

Do not use in clients who are pregnant.

Do not use in women who are breastfeeding.

Do not use in clients that are under the age of 18.

Do not use in clients with autoimmune disorders or diseases.

Do not inject product into inflamed or infected correction sites.

Do not use in clients with cutaneous disorders.

These may not be all the relevant contraindications. Refer to product leaflet.

Side Effects?

Redness, swelling, itchiness, and pain at the site of injection. These side effects may last for up to 72 hours.

Inflammation, induration, staining, or loss of feeling at the injection site.

Allergic reactions, abscess development, granulomas. In rare cases, necrosis may develop in the glabellar region.

Discomfort at the site of injection.

Non-desirable filling effects due to incorrect injection or injection techniques.

Bacterial infection.

Visual impairment caused by the improper injection.

Sides effects should be relatively mild and subside within 72 hours, but they may last up to a week. If side effects do not subside within a week, your client should contact their doctor. These may not be all the possible side effects. Refer to the product leaflet.

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