All the components are reconstituted into a gel with a phosphate buffer of pH 7.3. Once injected into the skin, the gel instantly erases under-eye cosmetic problems with minimal risk of swelling. When you purchase a box of Teosyal Puresense Redensity II, you get two 1ml preloaded syringes, two sterile and disposable 30G x ½” needles, two patient record labels to ensure traceability, and a package insert. Store this fragile medical device in a place that is away from sunlight and where the temperature is kept between 2 to 25℃. Only a licensed and skilled physician can use this medical device.


Teosyal PureSense Redensity II is a viscoelastic and biodegradable hyaluronic acid-based gel that is made by Teoxane Laboratories to be used in treating under-eye aesthetic imperfections. This medical device is made of both non-crosslinked and cross-linked hyaluronic acid and has a rheological profile that is adapted to suit the fragile skin in the tear trough regions. This injectable gel is made of the following components:

  • 15mg/mL of both cross-linked and non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid
  • Dermo-Restructuring Complex, which consists of three potent antioxidants, two minerals, one vitamin, and eight amino acids
  • 3% lidocaine


Teosyal Puresense Redensity II is specifically designed to treat significant aesthetic issues in the tear trough region, such as under-eye circles, a palpebromalar groove, and minimal palpebral or malar bags. Once injected, the tear trough region becomes free from any unattractive fine lines and circles. Any loss of volume in the under-eye area can also be seamlessly restored using this filler gel.


The tear trough is the region that extends outwards and downwards from the inner corner of the eye. This area is extremely fragile, as it is made up of a very thin layer of skin that is approximately less than 1mm thick. Due to the fragile skin structure, many patients display certain signs of aging, such as eye circles, eye bags, and hollowness in this region. These aesthetic imperfections occur as the usual cellular turnover (e.g. growth and repair) rate dwindles due to intrinsic aging. In some cases, patients also experience unintentional loss of facial fat pads surrounding the periorbital region, causing the underlying muscles and network of blood vessels to appear through the skin to a significant degree. Extrinsic aging factors, such as smoking, an unhealthy diet, improper skincare routine, lack of sun protection, and pollution all cause the skin on the tear trough region to worsen. If this area is left untreated, patients can end up looking exhausted and older than their real age.

The rheological property of this gel is specifically formulated to adapt to the fragile skin structure on the under-eye region. Its low hygroscopic nature ensures that patients do not suffer from post-injection swelling. Besides that, this light-textured gel has an ideal viscoelastic property for this region, so that it can spread and be positioned easily in the skin via minimal pressure on the tissue after implantation. This innovative three-in-one gel also contains a proprietary Dermo-Restructuring Complex that is made up of the following pharmaceutical grade components:

Three Antioxidants: Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine

One Vitamin: Vitamin B3

Two Minerals: Zinc and Copper

Eight Amino Acids: Arginine, Glycine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Proline, Threonine, and Valine

The non-allergenic and skin-loving ingredients in this filler, including the ones mentioned above, help to improve cellular regeneration and skin hydration status while protecting the fragile skin from damage from free radicals. Besides that, this gel is also incorporated with 0.3% lidocaine to alleviate pain during the minimally invasive injection session required to actually implant this filler. Once the filler is injected into the under-eye region, the severity of dark circles, hollowness, and fine lines are reduced effectively.


This medical device can only be used by licensed and experienced medical practitioners on patients whose medical information has been extensively assessed. Not only that, the severity of a patient’s aesthetic conditions must be reviewed first to determine the degree of adequate correction required. In addition, spend some time during the pre-procedural session to explain the possible side effects and the appropriate aftercare methods to follow to your patient before you obtain their consent to be treated with Teosyal PureSense Redensity II. Once their consent has been obtained, you can then commence the procedure by cleaning and sanitizing the proposed treatment area(s). Assemble the medical device by attaching and securing the needle provided. Next, administer the filler gel slowly via deep supra-periosteal or sub-orbicular injections. You may use injection techniques like a multi-bolus technique, which should be done with a needle, or a retrograde technique, which should be done with a cannula, for optimal results. For maximum safety and long-term improvements, you should only inject less than 0.5ml of this filler in each eye circle. Doing so will definitely reduce the risk of patients developing post-injection swelling. It is imperative that you under-correct the affected area(s) during the initial session and that you follow up this initial session with a touch-up session a month later if it is absolutely necessary. Do not reuse any leftover filler gel; discard it together with used medical supplies in biological waste bins.


Though it has a relatively low degree of cross-linking, Teosyal PureSense Redensity II can still deliver aesthetic improvements for up to nine to 12 months. However, the exact residence time is influenced by patient physiology (age, skin condition, health status, lifestyle habits, etc.), the volume of filler injected, and the type of injection technique employed. This filler is completely biodegradable and disintegrates into the surrounding tissues, leaving behind no traces of a soft tissue implant. Your patients can obtain more filler gel injections into the under-eye region once the effects from the initial treatment session diminish.


Yes, Teosyal Puresense Redensity II is certified safe, as attested to by its CE marking of Class 3 medical device. All the components of the filler (e.g. hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, etc.) are of pharmaceutical-grade and can be used to treat your patients confidently. That being said, its usage is still contraindicated in patients with one or more of the following conditions:

  • Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients present in the gel (e.g. hyaluronic acid, glutathione, lidocaine, Vitamin B6, proline, zinc, etc.)
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Cutaneous disorders, such as infections, inflammations, etc.

Additionally, children and patients who are pregnant or nursing are contraindicated from receiving injections of this product due to its unestablished safety profile in these demographics. Another group of patients who should not be treated using this filler gel is athletes since this aesthetic implant contains active components that could cause positive results on drug tests.

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