Filler lip augmentation techniques

Injection correction of the shape and size of the lips can be performed using several techniques. One or another technology of the procedure is chosen depending on the individual approach of the patient, as well as to expand the range of possibilities when creating different types of appearance. The injected gel is injected with a classic thin needle or with a special cannula that is less traumatic.

If the first option is chosen, the cosmetologist performing the procedure performs lip injections according to the scheme chosen by him and the patient. With each puncture, a micro-dose of filler is injected. The process is quite painful, and you need to be prepared for this.

When using a cannula, the distribution of the filler gel is more even, while the skin is minimally injured. The cosmetologist makes a single puncture, inserts a cannula through it, and pushes the tissue apart. When you press the syringe plunger, the drug "unfolds" inside the lip. Already during the procedure, you can roughly see how evenly the drug is administered and what the final result will be.Filler lip augmentation techniques

The effect of fillers lasts from 9 months to two years

There are different methods for injecting filler products into the lips, and each technique has its own name:

  • Linear - with this technique, the beautician administers the filler in a metered-dose, filling the contours evenly along the borders of the lip border. Thus, the outlines are clearly defined. If the entire lip is filled, an increase in volume is achieved at the same time. The lips look plump and have an even contour;
  • Bolus technique - the full name of the technology sounds like "bolus, linear retrograde administration". In fact, these are two separate types, but they are often combined since with both methods the needle is immersed in the tissue to the maximum depth. Bolus immersion of the needle allows you to inject the drug into a large volume deep into the tissue. Linear retrograde technology works on a similar principle, but the needle does not go into depth but distributes the gel with a movement to the surface of the lip. These techniques can work linearly or perpendicularly, they are highly painful, so you should choose a filler preparation with an anesthetic for them;
  • "Hollywood volume" - with this technique, which combines the bolus and linear filler injection technology, the border of the lips (Cupid's arch) stands out. The good thing about this technique is that with its help it is easy to achieve the effect of "kissed lips";
  • "French sponges" - injection is carried out in a direction perpendicular to the contour, the drug is distributed linearly or crosswise, while it is injected only into the center of the lip, without touching the corners of the mouth. The second name of the technique - "bow sponges" - more accurately describes the result obtained. Another term for her is "Parisian technique";
  • "Mona Lisa" - cosmetologists try to repeat the effect of the mysterious smile of Gioconda by injecting the drug linearly retrograde, treating the lateral part of the contour and capturing the joint of the lips at the corners of the mouth opening. This method can be used to raise the lowered corners of the lip, so it is often chosen by patients of a more mature age.

It is up to the cosmetologist to determine which technology is right for you, who must take into account the wishes of the patient but must also take into account the characteristics of his body, state of health, and other conditions. A responsible and professional specialist will never follow the wishes of the client and, on the contrary, will not impose his will and the conditions of the procedure on him, if any of its aspects pose potential discomfort or risk.

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