Botox injections are one of the most popular. They are made by both young and older women. If you have already thought that it would be time to "sit on the needle", you need to know a number of points related to botulinum toxin. Juliet Fagradyan, a dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist at the Center for Hygiene Diseases and Nino Haykina, cosmetologist at Diplomat clinic, told us about all the intricacies.

Botox can narrow pores

Enlarged pores can really be narrowed with Botox. Only it is introduced in special surface mesotechnics. Botulinum toxin type A is used during the procedure.

Botox helps with hyperhidrosis

If you have a problem of increased sweating (hypegythrosis), then Botox will help to cope with it.

Botox blocks the transmission of a nerve impulse to the glands that produce sweat. To achieve the effect, it can be pricked into the axillaries, palms, feet, forehead (at the border with the scalp).

Botox will not smooth out deep wrinkles

If you have deep wrinkles that are not smoothed and at rest (they are called static), do not expect a miracle after the introduction of Botox. Wrinkles will not be completely smoothed out, thin superficial skin creases may remain.

Botox will not help older women

Botox ideally can be pricked up to 60 years. After cosmetologists do not advise doing this. Injections can give the opposite result, up to the asymmetry of the face.

Botox helps prevent wrinkles

If you have a very active facial expression, for example, in the forehead area, over time, the creases that form in this area can be re-qualified into deep wrinkles. In this case, Botox is recommended for the prevention of wrinkles. By injection, the doctor can block the active muscle that bothers the patient. At the same time, the face will retain facial expressions and will not turn into a mask.

After Botox injections, the effect does not appear immediately

Immediately after the injection, miracles should not be expected. The effect, as a rule, occurs 2-3 days after the procedure, and is fixed in two weeks.

Botox may be allergic

Rarely, but may be allergic to Botox. But not the toxin itself, but on stabilizing proteins and other substances that are part of the drug.

In this case, the doctor’s task is to choose the right drug that will not cause negative reactions.

Botox doesn't work for everyone

There are three options why Botox does not affect the patient. The first and most common is addiction to the drug. Then you need to take a break in the injections, and your doctor should change the drug and dosage.

The second reason is a lack of zinc. Then the doctor will simply prescribe to drink the vitamin-mineral complex, and after the course you can again do Botox.

The third reason is irreversible. Botox does not affect people who have suffered a disease caused by botulinum toxin: tetanus, botulism, or other cross infections.

Botox is the brand name of the drug.

Indeed, Botox is the trade name for one of the botulinum toxins on the Russian market. He is a pioneer among all drugs in this category, and therefore has gained a household name. In addition to Botox, the drugs Dysport, Xeomin, Relatox, Lantox are now on the market.

They have different manufacturers, in the composition of different concentrations of botulinum toxin itself, stabilizers and other additional substances. Therefore, drugs are used for different purposes and age groups. For example, Xeomin is considered botulinum toxin for young people, as it is the mildest of this series.

There are contraindications to Botox.

In some cases, Botox can not be pricked. In particular, during pregnancy, lactation, if there are cancer and acute infectious diseases, hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Botox can be pricked in the eye area

Using Botox, you can correct facial wrinkles in the eye area, the so-called "crow's feet", as well as raise the line of eyebrows to make your eyes open. It is important to make such injections with qualified specialists in order to avoid trouble.

Botox can cause a headache

Such cases do occur, but it is not hazardous to health. Usually, a headache occurs if the doctor touched the frontal bone, vessels of the inner layers of the capillaries with a needle. Microtraumas with pain go away after 2-3 days. The main thing during this period is not to go to the bathhouse, not to drink alcohol, and not to lie in a hot bath.

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